Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Easy Style: Vivid Violet

I distinctly remember the first time I consciously rebelled at the tender age of 6. My father had taken me to buy my school supplies and we needed to pick out a fountain pen for homework (a cruel and unusual exercise in developing perfectionistic tendencies by the Serbian school system whereby children must write their homework in ink from Grade 1 to discourage the mere thought of ever making a mistake). The shop-keeper held out a pink pen with little umbrellas all over it and said "of course she will want the pink one, because all girls like pink". Oh yeah?!? I remember wanting the pink pen - but just to spite her I chose a purple one instead. Imagine my surprise when I discover, 20+ years later, that my closet is filled with all shades of purple and violet - by choice..

(dress, BCBG; sunglasses, Valentino; bracelet, Swarovski; earrings and bangle, Social Butterfly boutique; bag, Coach; shoes, Christian Louboutin)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Don't Miss: Diet Coke Beauty Boost

Summer's finally here! The weather in Toronto boycotted spring and with that, I've witnessed individuals about town who similarly decided to skip the much-needed spring pedicure before breaking out their strappy/gladiator summer sandals. As much as for aesthetic reasons, I support this salon "me time" for the little confidence boost it provides to launch the season of short skirts and booty shorts. In case the salon visit slipped your mind (hey, it happens!) Diet Coke has launched a cool initiative to provide a little beauty pampering on the go. Mobile salons will be travelling across Canada to provide much needed refreshments and a mini-salon and styling experience - free make up touch ups, mini manicures, etc - and all you need to do is check out @DietCoke_CA on Twitter or Diet Coke on Facebook to find out where the Diet Coke Beauty Boost stylists will be!

photos courtesy of Diet Coke

The trailers will be travelling around Canada throughout the summer, with the following dates in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Toronto: June 6th - July 24th
Montreal: June 6th - July 3rd
Vancouver: June 6th - July 10th

So take a lunch time break (or make a quick stop while you're stuck in a downtown traffic jam anyway) and let the Diet Coke Beauty Boost pamper you!

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