Sunday, May 01, 2011

Beauty Junkie: Beautyphica

The first thing that came to mind when I found out about Beautyphica was - it's about time. Launched April 26th, is set to become a Canadian destination for all things beauty. Based entirely online, they offer an assortment of bath & body and skincare products from sought-out brands all over the world. Almost all of the brands are first-to-market and exclusive to the site, with each and every one personally selected and researched by founder Solange Strom. Ainy, Apot.Care, Lost Marc'H, and Katima'A are just part of the impressive line up. Each of the brands has a unique philosophy or key natural ingredient, such as the sacred Schinus Molle essential oil Ainy uses in its organic cosmetics. The newest introduction to the site will be popular Australian brand Aesop, currently only available in the US at Barneys and a few boutiques (with three Manhattan standalone stores to open later this year). At the moment I believe the only line that is not exclusive to Beautyphica is NUXE Paris but these high-quality products are a perfect of a fit for the site. I could say plenty more about NUXE as I've been a convert since my mother finally convinced me that she knows what's best for me, but perhaps that's better saved for a separate post.

 Canadian custom-fragrance makers AROMACHOLOGY created a signature scent for Beautyphica, Beauty & Class

Beautyphica founder Solange Strom is no stranger to success and it is to her credit that the Canadian marketplace was introduced to L'Occitane, cult brand of natural beauty and skin products from Provence. While I can't imagine anyone's lack of familiarity with L'Occitane and its popular shea butter based goodies, the woman who launched this brand in the Canadian market and stood behind it for almost a decade prefers to stay behind the scenes. It is this vantage point that allows her to orchestrate the ultimate customer service experience with which she hopes Beautyphica will become synonymous. The site offers online customer service, as well as a toll-free number at which you can speak to a beauty consultant to see which product would be best for you and ask any questions - all with zero pressure to buy. Before you commit to a purchase, there is always the option to sample the product because realistically, it can be hard to decide on a new product and you're allowed (I'm even tempted to say 'encouraged') to be picky because it's your money. I love it! Most importantly, they ship to every nook and cranny with a Canadian postal code, a win for Canadians everywhere who hate paying customs when they order from the States!

The idea and woman behind Beautyphica have charmed this shopper - check it out and let me know your thoughts below!



  1. Great post! Solange is definitely an inspiration.

  2. I fell in love with these products the minute I've tried them. I salute you for your awesome skin care reviews.


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