Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Easy Style: Elegant Solution

Usually when I try to dress age-appropriate, I end up looking like a little girl who just got through raiding her mom's closet. Funny enough, that's sort of what I did this weekend! I hadn't heard of Funky Monkey jeans before my mom found this pair at Winners and I creatively 'inherited' them. Um yeah so my mom and I are the same size.. And luckily have the same taste in purses! So while I guard mine well, I was happy to adopt this cute leather tote she picked up in Italy.

(blazer, Suzy Shier; tank, H&M; belt, Aritzia; jeans, Funky Monkey; flower double ring, I Heart Accessories; watch, PlastiChic; bracelets, H&M; booties, Aldo; leather tote, mom's closet; silk scarf, Coach)

Che bellissima!



  1. Love it. I ALWAYS raid my mom's closet.... always good finds!

  2. She was totally going to throw it out and she's never worn it! Plus I end up stumbling across my own things she's 'appropriated' while I was living with her lol :p

  3. Great look! How do you find the fit of the blazer? I find Suzy Shier fits a bit too big on me (and I think we're about the same size?)
    Love your nail polish colour.

  4. Love how you mix "high" and "low"

  5. Thanks so much :)))

    Re: fit of the blazer, I actually ended up buying three a couple of years ago because I found them in the outlet for $10!!! I think this one fit the best out of all of them in both waist and shoulders and it's a size 0 or 1 if I'm not mistaken (I got three different sizes because the price was amazing, I know one for sure was 0 and another a size 2). I don't know if they might have changed the sizing in the meantime? I'm hoping these ones can last at least another year, I'm finding it impossible to find a nicely fitted one :(

  6. Nice jeans! I love the blazer and the boots, too!


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