Saturday, January 22, 2011

Easy Style: Winter Stripes and Checks

Winter is not a very fashionable time for me.. It's just not inspiring! To review:

  • I don't like getting salt stains on my shoes and pants
  • Wearing a cute outfit just to end up looking like a penguin at the bus stop doesn't do it for me
  • My favourite heels present a hazard (so how do I get up to eye level with anyone?)
  • Any figure I may have had is obliterated thanks to eating and napping all day
  • Getting to malls takes twice as long (Dear T.O. drivers, please learn how to drive so I can shop!)

I was finally talked into getting out of the house the other day for brunch and these were the layers involved:

I rarely leave the house without this gorgeous infinity scarf from Magnolia - the wool is super warm and it doubles as a hat without ruining my hair!
(striped lace cut-out cardigan, Winners; tank, Forever XXI; tights, the Bay; watches, PlastiChic; infinity scarf, DRC at Magnolia; checkered coat, Winners; belt, H&M; winter heels, Dr.Martens)

Wintering (wipe-out),


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