Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Spotlight: Credo - Exclusive Design

Credo is an exclusive line of shirts and accessories catering to both sexes. This brand fits into the luxurious lifestyle of someone who enjoys surrounding themselves with beautiful things. The fine quality of these shirts, along with their uniqueness and elegance give the individual a little something extra that allows them to stand out from the rest. Each shirt is made from Italian materials and is handcrafted in Spain to create a sophisticated yet relaxed look. The shirts come in a variety of styles which include one, two or (for the bold) three collared shirts. The detailing on each shirt, including the buttons and vibrant contrasting colours, make them a high fashion statement.

These shirts have a really amazing fit.

And yesssss.... they have shoes:

The man who started it all, proud Credo owner Olivier Souza.

We are very happy that this boutique is a new addition to the Yorkville shopping district and has opened its doors as its first store in America (all other locations are in Spain). Insiders scoop: the accessories, including the gorgeous shoes come in few sizes and stocks do not replenish - if you see something you like we suggest you pounce on it or you may not get another chance to get it. This brand is true to being original.

Dreaming of a Credo shirt,


Credo is located at 114 Cumberland Street in Yorkville.

To learn more about Credo, please visit their website at

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