Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy Style: Chic Trench

I have been on a quest to find the Holy Grail of outerwear - the perfect trench coat - for some time. The coat has to be nicely structured without overwhelming my petite frame, and with a reasonable price tag (so those beauties I found at Burberry unfortunately didn't make the cut). Little did I know that my friend Cristina had already found one at Banana Republic! 

(trench coat, Banana Republic; chrome skirt, Banana Republic; shoes, Halston)

This was Cristina's outfit at the Drink.Play.Fashion event and I loved how the same outfit made for two completely different looks, one reserved and the other sexy - and both very chic. The length and cut of the trench are perfect and it really does resemble one of Burberry's styles, as someone pointed out that night. Huge thanks to Cristina for letting me post these photographs!

Stay chic,



  1. The trench is a fabulous length! Is that in store now, or was it from spring?
    p.s. the skirt is adorable. Was eyeing it yesterday at Sherway.

  2. The trench is available in stores now :-) I gotta track one down, stat!

  3. Banana Republic apparel comes in both Petite and Tall cuts. I have a couple of their petite trenches. Mango is also great for petite cut outerwear.

  4. Is it the same trench as this one? I have a hard time telling!

  5. That's the one :) they were on sale with an additional 50% off for boxing day but it might be hard to wait it out until then! didn't quite fit me as well as it does Cristina though :(


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