Friday, August 27, 2010

Events: Victoria's Secret Grand Opening at Yorkdale

Wow, today's Victoria's Secret grand opening at Yorkdale was pure madness! I think it's warranted given that many of us no longer have to trek south of the border just to buy decent underwear (and by decent, I mean, sexy, comfortable, and mind-blowing - sometimes all in the same garment!). So now I can do my laundry less frequently, which gives me more time to.. shop. Love it!

(around the corner.. continuation of the store line up. Toronto loves Victoria's Secret!)

At noon today I was barely awake and there were already three mile-long line ups in the general vicinity of the Victoria's Secret store in Yorkdale - one line up was just to get in the store, a second to meet Adriana Lima and hopefully get an autograph, and a third to have a professional photo taken with the pair of wings made famous by Adriana Lima in the 2008 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (which perfectly complemented the $5 million Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra she wore but not necessarily Lululemon track pants which most people wore to this momentous occasion).

(the wings made famous by the gorgeous Adriana Lima at the 2008 VS Fashion Show)

The Adriana Lima line up was already "closed" to new arrivals by the time we got there, with large numbers of "VIP"s inside the store being cited as the main reason. Although there was a bit of ambiguity surrounding this mysterious VIP status, too late did we figure out that you were eligible for the VIP line up with a purchase of $100 or more (non-refundable). For fans like yours truly, this is the equivalent of a week's worth of unmentionables, easily spent on a moment's notice! We're definitely not the only ones who love VS because almost every shopper left with a limited edition VS tote, given out with a minimum $75 purchase.

We will know for next time - look out for two new store openings in Toronto this fall, Square One and Eaton's Centre!


Tomorrow - Stiletto Twins sprout wings!


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